Arab Open University (2014)

A space that inspires professionalism with an avant-garde design and great acoustic conditioning thanks to the IDEACUSTIC HIGH 16 modules for the lining of the walls of the auditorium. Perfect space for the celebration of events with the appropriate acoustic conditioning.

The IDEACUSTIC HIGH 16 Panel is available in 15 different textures and lacquered colors. It is a product that offers the most demanding acoustic solutions.

It is a reference product for the most demanding professionals. The acoustic wood panel “IDEACUSTIC HIGH 16” is an absorbent and decorative product that helps to improve the acoustic quality in all types of interior spaces.

Its main difference with the rest of the “IDEACUSTIC” family is the higher percentage of perforation and the smaller number of mm of separation between channels.

It has a simple installation system; in addition, it can be prepared with a fireproof or waterproof coating.



Bahrain (Kingdom of Bahrain)